Research entitling protection of law to woman labour to doing an injustice of trafficking in this human right prespektif aim to to know and analyse Human right prespektif in giving protection to victim of trafficking woman that is covering how protection of Human right victim woman labour of trafficking in the eyes of PBB, invitor- number invitor 13 year 2003 about ketengakerjaan , invitor- number invitor 39 year 2004 about location and protection of labour of indonesia beyond the sea , invite- number invitor 21 year 2007 about eradication of invitor and trafficking- number invitor 13 year 2006 about protection of victim and eyewitness.  this research use method approach of normatif yuridis , that is approach which relate at rule- rule of and law of perundang- invitation arranging the problem of protection to victim commerce of woman labour in human right prespektif. Commerce of human being in general is to cover all action which related to recruitment, transportation, transfer of, sale, or purchasing of human being with enforcing, deception, insincere, or other enforcing tactics with aim to place them in a condition compulsory work or practice- similar practice of slavery, where job activity cleanse to pass the way of enforcing of bodily or non physical, extortion trmasuk, deception, insincere, insulation, pengancaman or usage of strength of psychology pressure or physical. Result of analysis indicate that effort in giving protection to victim of trafficking woman labour, according to rule of yag go into effect adalh with gift giving of compensation and restitution, service of konseling and service of medical aid, legal aid, pembarian of information to victim or his / its family of protection of person security, family and good and chattel his/its, and also free from respective threat with witness which is akan,sedang or have given of ; joining in in course of chosening and determining protection form and security support, giving unstressed boldness, getting residential and new identity newly, obtaining replacement of transportation expense as according to law advice kebutuhan,mendapat, and obtain;get living cost aid whereas to a point my me of protection of ending. Commerce of woman represent badness and collision of heavy human right, governmental though have arranged about eradication effort and also protection which is poured in an invitor- invitor, but needed the existence of effort of preventif and of represif more powered and succeed to utilize, considering the straightening of law in indonesian still very weak. b


Keyword : TKW, Trafficking, Hak Asasi manusia.


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TKW; Trafficking; Hak Asasi manusia; umm