ANALISIS YURIDIS SOSIOLOGIS KEKERASAN DALAM RUMAH TANGGA (Study Kasus Di Desa Sumberpinang Mlandingan Kabupaten Situbondo)



Household violence was a social phenomena happened in each level of society, whether in higher economic class or lower economic class. Household violence happened because of gender and power imbalance which was believed by the society. Gender and power imbalance caused inharmony in household so that there needed a basic and continuous change. In this research, the writer describe three statements of problems about juridical analysis violence in household and gender in Madura society. The writer discussed: (1) what the violence forms in household violence? (2) What cause household violence? (3) How the handling of household violence? In this research, the writer used two data source: primary and secondary data. Primary data consisted of three respondents who were the victim of violence and one person as informer, the chief of village. Secondary data found through books, literature in theoretic way. Literature, internet article, etc. Method used was qualitative descriptive with case study approach. Data collection technique used interview and observation, then the data analyzed by descriptive qualitative analysis. By describe the research subject or object according to the facts in order to give description and conclusion about juridical analysis violence in household and gender in Madura society. From the research there found various violence in household happened to respondents. In this research was physical violence like hit, slap, hair-pulling. The psychic violence like insulting, isolation, sexual violence like unusual sex, economic violence like ignore his wife in economic. The root was individual factor, social-economic factor, social-culture and religion factor. The handling was done by non-litigation (discussion) which often involved third parties as mediator


Keyword : Kekerasan, Rumah Tangga

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