PELAKSANAAN KEBIJAKAN ?KEAMANAN BERKENDARA? (SAFETY RIDING) (Studi terhadap Bis Antar Kota dalam Propinsi Jurusan Malang ? Banyuwangi)

Achmad Fauzi


To improve people awareness in traffic, also reducing the accident number which happened in big cities, Police institution, starting from Regional Police Institution of East Java, stated ?Safety Riding? policy. This program included the completeness in riding including helmet, vehicle mirror, and sign lamp for motorcycle and seatbelt for car, also the completeness for the vehicle?s paper. It was interesting to be studied, how the application of safety riding concept in dangerous region like Malang-Banyuwangi line, where the landscape naturally was dangerous, also its application to province trans-city bus which has different physical appearance with general vehicle.
The research used socio-juridical approach. The location was on Police Headquarters of Malang, Police Headquarters of Banyuwangi, also Province trans-city bus which passed Malang-Banyuwangi line. In the research, the writer collected data through interview, observation, and documentation. In data analysis there used qualitative descriptive method aimed to give description to the research result.
From the research there could be found that the application of law enforcement safety riding policy in province trans-city Malang-Banyuwangi Bus could be done by: (1) planning; (2) application; (3) evaluation. Inhibiting factors for law enforcement safety riding policy: (1) lack of police personnel; (2) Bus Driver Representative, that was ORGANDA, has tendency to defend the bus driver while the police punished the driver; (3) related institution was not cooperating while doing safety riding policy. Effort to conclude the problems were: (1) concluding the problem with ORGANDA by discussion with win-win solution; (2) socializing safety riding policy.
From the research, the writer has suggestion for police institution to make further preventive action to minimize the violation of safety riding. ORGANDA should pay attention to the rule, not just supporting the driver. For better application, people in society should also participate in safety riding application.


Keyword : pelaksanaan, kebijakan, Safety Riding

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