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Purpose and objective of this research: to know is with giving of
concentration of condensation of regulator matter grows GA3 and composition of plants media have an effect to Cemara Gunung seedling growth (Casuarina junghuhniana. Miq). This research is conducted on Department of Forestry Faculty of Agriculture Muhammadiyah University of Malang, It is located on 530-m above the sea level, with rainfall average of 1833 mm/year. This research is taken place on December 2008 to Februari 2009. Material used in this research is: Cemara Gunung seedling (C. junghuhniana. Miq), condensation GA3 and composition of plants media that is soil, manure of goat and chaff charcoal. Equipment which will be applied is:
analytical weights, oven, polybag, bucket, paper, scissors, lable, hand sprayer. Experimental design used in this research is Group Random Design (RAK) what compiled factorially, which is set in factorial that comprising two factors. The first factor is concentration of condensation GA3 (K) what consisted
of four level: (K1) 50 ppm, (K2) 100 ppm, (K3) 150 ppm, (K4) 200 ppm. Second factor of composition of plants media (L) consisted of four level : (L1) soil (as control), (L2) soil, manure of goat and chaff charcoal (2:1:1), (L3) soil and manure of goat (3:1), (L4) soil and chaff charcoal (3:1). Result of analysis of variance shows, that not happened interaction between givings of concentration of condensation GA3 and composition of plants media to seedling height, seedling diameter, seedling root length, seedling wet weight, seedling drought weight and Cemara Gunung seedling coronet wide at all of observation age. At fresh weight variable and dry weight shows concentration of condensation GA3 50 ppm gives average which heavier than at concentration to it, although statistically doesn't differ in reality. Result of this research indicates that usage of GA3 is not too needed to to increases growth of Cemara Gunung seedling. If it is required, concentration of condensation GA3 50 ppm seems to have been enough giving influence. Result of research also shows inexistence of specialty of plants media, seems to be more improve; repairs seedling growth, usage of plants media with composition of soil,
manure of goat and chaff charcoal (2:1:1) also can be applied.


Keyword : GA3, Media Tanam, Cemara Gunung (C. junghuhniana)


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GA3; Media Tanam; Cemara Gunung (C. junghuhniana); umm