The objective of the research is to know the kinds of mangrove, the type which predominating, the important value indeks of mangrove vegetation and to know the pattern of zonasi Terima Bay of Balinese National Park West. The method of this research was done at the resort Terima Bay of Balinese National Park West with large 163 Ha and that was done in Desember 2008. The method that was used in measurement and observation of mangrove vegetation that was use transek / single blok stripe. At measure partion with measurement 20m x 20m for trees level, made smaller portion with measure 10m x 10m for trees pole level. While at portion with measure 5m x 5m collected wean level data and portion with measure 2m x 2m collected seedling level data. The result of this research showed that it was done in Terima Bay area that was gol 8 species of vegetation from 5 families from various check measure in 6 stripe. At Terima bay area, the species that predominating were Avicennia marina (Forsk) Vierh dan Ceriops tagal (Perr) C.B.Rob species. The vegetation species tahat had high INP for the free value was Avicennia marina (forsk) vierh with value 85,5%, for pole level kind C. tagal (perr) c. b. rob 93,9% and pole level kind L. racemosa willd. var. racemosa 91,3%. In general seen pattern zonasi forest mangrove gulf area accepts Balinese National Park West as follows: zone close to sea that is kind soneratia alba and Bruguiera gymnorrhiza (l. ) lamk. mid zone that is kind Rhizophora apiculata bi and Rhizophora stylosa griff. zone near land that is kind Excoearia agallocha l, Lumnitzera racemosa willd. var. racemosa, Avicennia marina (forsk) vierh, Ceriops tagal (perr) c. b. rob..
In forest mangrove exist in gulf region accepts Terima Bay Balinese National Park West in general forest only is made as prevention efforts from disaster existence abrasi that is kind A. marina (forsk) vierh and L. racemosa willd. var. racemosa, while only as supporter. suggested so that done furthermore watchfulness about vegetasi mangrove exist in Balinese National Park area West, cultivation mangrove alongside coast, society economy social around area and brackish waters organism composition.


Keyword : Mangrove, Teluk Terima Taman Nasional Bali Barat dan Analisa Vegetasi


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Mangrove, Teluk Terima Taman Nasional Bali Barat dan Analisa Vegetasi; umm