Department of Forestry, 2009

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The research aimed to find out mangrove forest vegetation in Baluran, Important Value Index of Mangrove vegetation and mangrove zone pattern. The research was done in mangrove forest region in Bekol Resort Bama Baluran National Park, with mangrove forest wide 100,5 ha. Tool used in the research was: pH meter, compass, ruler, gala and christine meter, phiband, rope, label, writing tools, and tally sheed. Method used in this research was descriptive quantitative and interview. Qualitative descriptive and method used in the measurement and mangrove vegetation monitoring used transect method or single square line with measurement line (20x20) m? (? > 15 cm tinggi >10 m) called tree level, measurement square (10x10) m? (? 10-15 cm tinggi 5-10 m) for pole tree, measurement square (5x5) m? (? 2-10 cm tinggi 1-5 m) called boundary pole and measurement square (2x2) m? (? < 2 cm height < 1m) called seedling level. Data found was analyzed in systematic way to several monitor changing, they were density and relative density, frequency, relative frequency, domination, relative domination, and important value index. The research was done at Resort Bama area, mangrove vegetation found were 20 species.  Mangrove forest zone pattern in Resort Bama area showed: near sea zone dominated by Rhizophora spp, Sonneratia spp, Avicennia spp, Bruguiera spp, Aegiceras spp, Pemphis acidula J.R. Forst and G. Forst. Mid-zone dominated by Ceriops tagal by C.B. Rob, Xilocarpus spp and Osbornia spp. While land zone dominated by Lumnitzera spp and Excoecarya agallocha L dan Acrostichum spp. In tree level, the highest importance value index was Rhizophora apiculata Blume, with 117,371%. The lowest importance value index was Ceriops tagal C.B. Rob with 6,1529%. The highest importance value index pole level was Rhizophora apiculata Blume with 300% and the lowest importance value index was Bruguiera gymnorrhiza (L). with 8,0806%. The highest boundary pole was Rhizophora mucronata Lam with 149,7842% and the lowest importance value index in boundary pole Xylocarpus mollucensis Lam with 5,592%.


Keyword : Vegetasi mangrove, zonasi mangrove dan INP


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