UPAYA KONSERVASI HUTAN COBAN RONDO (Study Kasus di Desa Pandesari Kecamatan Pujon Kabupaten Malang RKPH Pujon Selatan BKPH Pujon KPH Malang)

Indah Riastati


Coban Rondo Forest constitutes of tourism place and production forest, yet it stated to be degraded by the society?s activity who earns their living, so they were less pay attention to its protection and continuity aspects. The greatest part of the society depends on the natural resource in the forest. Because of that, the society involvement was the successful key of district Conservation with high value of variety biological. Based on the problems happened, the research related to the efforts of Coban Rondo forest Conservation were done.
It is assumed that the society around the forest have not understand yet about Conservation and the advantage for both forest and society, the activity of vegetative method in Conservation effort done by society were less pay attention to Conservation aspect. It is expected that were a good relationship between society and forest official to quicken the efforts of Coban Rondo forest Conservation. The research was aimed to know the society perception toward the importance of Conservation and the society?s efforts to support Coban Rondo forest Conservation. This research was done in Pandesari, Pujon, Malang on September up to December 2008.
The technique collection data concluded: observation, interview, questioner and documentation, this sources data research can take from: information, place, event, file and document related to the theme problem research, in this research the method used simple sampling random data was collect than stack and group and than analyzed used the descriptive qualitative analysis. The result of the research obtain that part of the society village around Coban Rondo forest have not understand the meaning and the benefit Conservation, but they was done the activity of Conservation with done activity Agroforestry. Activity of Agroforestry. They were done since a long time together with indirect plantation of forest. Society very participant with plantation of forest cooperation with forest very beneficially to persistence social. Society?s economy around forest. The benefit conserves concluded crash current surface, increase infiltrasi increase dampness and can repair fertility of land in Tumpangsari area. Repair climate Micro, Erosion and increase income farmer.


Keyword : Konservasi Vegetatif, Penghijauan


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Konservasi Vegetatif; Penghijauan; umm