Department of Forestry, 2008

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The research is done in forestry laboratorial nursery of Agriculture Faculty of Muhammadiyah University of Malang which lies on the height at 560 m above the sea level and the average rainfall is about 1833 mm/year., this research is started on January up to March 2008. The purpose of this research is to know jabon seedling (A. cadamba Miq) growth respons as the effect of urea fertilizer dosage and media composition. The research used a factorial random group method (RAK) which is arranged in such factorial by three times repeating including two treatment factor. The first factor is urea fertilizer dosage (P) composed of 3 levels, they are : P1 (urea fertilizer dosage 1 gram/polybag), P2 (urea fertilizer dosage 1,5 gram/polybag), P3 (urea fertilizer dosage 2 gram/polybag). The second factor is the plant media composition (Q) which consist of four level, they are : Q0 (soil 100 % as controller), Q1 (soil 50 %, grit 25 %, bran charcoal rice plant 25%), Q2 (soil 25%, grit 50%, bran charcoal rice plant 25%), and Q3 (soil 25%, grit 25%, bran charcoal rice plant 50%). Observation does on 14 hst up to 56 hst with frequency 7 day. The research is focused on : high seedling, stick diameter, leave number, root length, dry seedling and wet seedling weight. Statistic analysis result show there are interaction between urea fertilizer dosage and media composition toward jabon seedling growth at several high seedling in the age 49 hst and 56 hst, stick diameter in the age 35 hst and 42 hst, leave number in the age 49 hst , 56 hst and dry seedling weight in over observation. The best treatment combination is P1Q1. Treatment P gives significant influence to almost all of research. Treatment media composition (Q) gives significant influence to dry seedling and wet seedling weigth.  Conclution from this reaserch, the best treatment combination to gives significant influence to jabon seedling growt is P1Q1 (urea fertilizer dosage 1 gram/polybag) and media composition (soil 50%, grit 25% and bran charcoal rice plant 25%).


Keyword : Dosis, pupuk urea, komposisi, media, semai jabon, pertumbuhan


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