Perancangan Dan Pembuatan Sistem Terkomputerisasi Untuk Mendeteksi Kebakaran Dan Kebocoran LPG Berbasis Mikrokontroller AT89C51

Muhammad Catur Prasetyo


To overcome a problem when the fire occurred and the leakage of LPG gas which can occur at any time. So with this tool can make a problem-solving in the fire and the leakage of LPG gas.
Planning and creating a tool to detect fires and gas leaks using LPG is the three sensor consists of two sensors which are connected with komperator and one sensor that is connected to the ADC 0804. Series of gas sensors TGS2610 will issue 5 volt voltage at the time of butane gas to detect more than 1800 ppm on the surface of the sensor. Series of output temperature sensor LM35 and a 5 volt sensor LDR series of 5 volt smoke when there is the hinder surface of the light source LDR. The tool is also equipped with a handpone can mendial / call, so the officer can contact the fire quickly.


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