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In the development of this technology now, means the delivery of media information is important in meeting the information needs of day-to-day. Can not be denied that every day we need updatetan information about both the news and who is also the form of notification. Many of the media information that we often find one of them is digital information boards that use dot-matrix. Board information is a digital media information that we find in many public places, such as in airports, stations, shopping centers and also in places other entertainment. Among the many digital information board that is found most often show only the information in the form of a text-only, so required a tool that can show Ornament or additional features such as pictures on the board in order to display information on the board look more interesting information. Board this image semenarik may be designed so that when people see the board the information they do not just see the contents of the board of information but also consoled with the additional features of the image.
Board image is designed very simple both hardware and software are also on here using the Delphi program as a supporting software. The images will be displayed on a board is all sent through the computer. So that is easier when akan akan akan modify or change the image. Board later this image can be applied to place the center crowd, shopping centers and also places other entertainment


Keyword : Dot-matrix led, Delphi


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