Hari Yudha Adeka Putra


Many studies have been done on the robot because the robot to provide benefits to the human interest, such as for work that requires a high accuracy, work with a high risk of danger or to perform work that requires a great effort, and so forth.
Fire fighting multicore bot created as a research task in the form of a final prototype size small. This robot was built with a modified remote control toy car. Main parts of the toy car that is used to form the robot is mainly related to the construction such as frame, wheels and wheel-motor drive the wheels. In research conducted, a robot is given the task of searching for a fire in a room and then turn off the fire. Robot equipped with a line sensor (photodioda), proximity sensor (GP2D12), and a fire sensor (Uvtron). To extinguish the fire, a robot equipped with a fan will be activated when the flame is found. Autonomous robots are made through a control system based 2 mikrokontroler R8C/13. End of the task made more discuss matters related to the hardware that form the robot.


Keyword : Sensor PSD (Sharp GP2D12), sensor Uvtron, sensor garis (Photodioda), mikrokontroler R8C/13


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Sensor PSD (Sharp GP2D12), sensor Uvtron, sensor garis (Photodioda), mikrokontroler R8C/13; umm