DESAIN DAN IMPLEMENTASI RANGKAIAN PENGENDALI (Elektronika) ROBOT OTOMATIS PADA KONTES ROBOT INDONESIA 2007 ?Analisa rangkaian pengendali robot otomatis Black Pearl?



Motor of DC often used for the activator of robot, used controller network even also all kinds of. Network implementation controller of Motor DC all kinds of and can be applied in everyday life. But becoming problem how designing a controller network matching with requirement. This Final study how to make a network controller of motor matching with requirement, but ganggguan which often happened that is network controller of used censor and motor, at network controller of motor the problem of which often happened at MOSFET IRF 540 & 9540 representing especial component of generated indication motor driver in the form of heat at network and finally burn, at this solution will be studied how to make new controller network which more reliable, for the meminimalisi of mistake which have been experienced of in each operation of motor. At this controller network use Mikrokontroller AT89S51 as its brain. this controller use component of MOSFET, Relay, and Transistor, and also motor of DC as its activator


Keyword : MOSFET, Mikrokontroller, Driver motor DC


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MOSFET; Mikrokontroller; Driver motor DC; umm