ANALISA FAKTOR-FAKTOR YANG MEMPENGARUHI PRODUKSI INDUSTRI KAYU UKIR (Studi Kasus Pada Industri Kecil di Desa Karduluk Kabupaten Sumenep)



The present research is entitled ?Analysis on the Factors Influencing The production of Wooden Craft in Sumenep?.
The Objective of this research is to know the characteristics of Wooden Craft Industry from the demographic point of view, to know the impact of model and manpower on the result of the wooden craft production.
This research departs with the hypothesis, that is, it is suspected that capital has a positive influence on the production increase of wooden craft industry, and that it is expected that the factor of manpower has positive impact on the production increase of wooden craft industry.
The analysis employed in this research is double linier analysis in logarithm by using the approach of Cobb Douglas? production function. The hypothesis testing used F test (simultaneous regression test) and T test (partial regression test).
The result of the computation of LY = 2.386+549 X1+370X2 as a result of F test, shows that that Fcalculated > Ftable (59,692 > 2,60), T test reveals that Tcalculated Variable X1 (Capital) is 11.526, Variable X2 ( Manpawer) is 9.931 while ttable = 2.060; therfore, tcalculated > ttable so the influence of Xl and X2 significant. It means Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted.
Based on the calculation it is concluded that free variables (capital and manpower) have positive influence on the incline of wooden craft production



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