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This research entitled ?The Analysis of Portfolio Defrayal to Total of Operational Income at Syariah Mandiri Bank, Inc.? It is a research to three kinds of defrayal at Syariah Mandiri Bank, Inc. from 1999 to 2007.
The purpose of the research is knowing the application on analysis of defrayal portfolio as a device to know about the individual or expected return and risk on each defrayal variable at Syariah Mandiri Bank, Inc; and also to know about the composition and combination of portfolio that will be belonging to the optimal portfolio. So that it will be able to give highest return or be able to suppress the defrayal risk at Syariah Mandiri Bank, Inc. This research is also aimed to know about the contribution of each defrayal variable at Syariah Mandiri Bank, Inc.
The analysis tools that were used in this research are by using Markowitz Model. To determine the optimal portfolio is by determining the composition of portfolio as much as 20 combinations. Afterwards, comparing the expected return of portfolio (E(RP)) and the risk of portfolio (σP). So that it can be arranged the efficiency curve which will be able to be known the combinations of optimal portfolio. The second analysis tool is by using multiple linear regression to know the contribution of each variable.
From 20 combinations of portfolio that were formed, there are 17 combinations of portfolio for each defrayal that can form optimal portfolio. Whereas, there are three combinations of portfolio that can not form optimal portfolio. The variable of defrayal that has the biggest contribution is musyarakah, 0,409604. And the contributions of mudharabah and musyarakah are 0,068152 dan 0,009530.
From the analysis result, it can be concluded that by forming portfolio (optimal), the risk of defrayal of the bank can be suppress as small as possible, so that the bank can gain high income with a certain risk or can gain a certain income with the lowest risk.

Keyword : portofolio, pembiayaan, pendapatan


portofolio; pembiayaan; pendapatan