Department of Development Economic Study, 2009

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Rudi Saputro


As is state expand or the state included in third world nations, Indonesia during period pelita III to pelita V experience of growth of mean economics of 6-7% per year, make indonesia become one of the state with growth of economics and accretion of earnings of highest resident in world..
This Research purpose to know how is influence of factor growth of economics and fee to unemployment storey level in east java. After through data-processing process and analysis known by theX the research result express logY = -1.477204 + 0.327364logX1+ 0.902719logX2 inferential so that between both free variable in this research which more dominant of this influence is fee.
This Research result conclude that:
(1) Factor fee have the influence which are positive to unemployment storey level in East Java,
(2) Variabel growth of economics had positive influence to unemployment storey level.
The suggestion can be given relate to the finding obtained by during executing the research is:
(1) With growth of high economics will be able to create opportunity of new job and unemployment can be permeated. the Unemployment amount decreasing hence unemployment storey;level will downhill also,
(2) Government as taker of policy in the case of determination of minimum wage shall see do needed to take policy boost up the fee for the shake of prosperity of worker or don't boost up the governmental minimum wage can take correct policy so that worker good and entrepreneur is nothing that harmed,
(3) Very relevant and complex Unemployment problem many matters, for that require to the existence of an sinergi and also cooperation from various side start dai governmental, private sector, society and individual to overcome the unemployment storey level increasing.

Keyword : Analisis Faktor-Faktor, Tingkat Pengangguran

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