Abdul Ghofur


This experiment is a case study experiment, which has the objective to discover the enterprise characteristic and enterprise efficiency level in CV. ADI JAYA Pujon, Malang.
Result of this experiment is expected to be useful for stakeholders, particularly for the owner of CV. ADI JAYA Pujon, Malang which is hopefully could initiate producers to increase quality and fertilizer selling volume to the market and consumers. It is also expected that this experiment can be used as one reference for future study, especially for student who is going to conduct experiment about enterprise efficiency level.
Data analysis techniques used to discover about enterprise characteristic of CV. ADI JAYA Pujon, Malang has been done in ways: examining all data that has been collected, reduced data and presented data which is already simplified. While to discover about enterprise efficiency level of CV. ADI JAYA Pujon, Malang, author use the equation of: E= .
Interpretation of calculation result is: ratio >1, means enterprise is efficient and beneficial; ratio = 1, means enterprise is not beneficial and not suffering loss (equal); ratio <1, means enterprise is inefficient or suffering loss.
Based on the experiment result, it shows that CV. ADI JAYA Pujon, Malang is a middle company in fertilizer field. Major product of CV. ADI JAYA Pujon, Malang is organic and inorganic fertilizer. Based on the analysis, inorganic fertilizer product has higher efficiency than organic fertilizer. Whereas averaging efficiency level for inorganic fertilizer is 1,51 while organic fertilizer is 1,47. This difference can happen because inorganic fertilizer has major income composition compare with organic fertilizer?s income composition, although if we view it from expenditure made for organic fertilizer is smaller compare to inorganic fertilizer.

Keyword : Tingkat Efisiensi, Perusahaan Pupuk


Tingkat Efisiensi; Perusahaan Pupuk