Ernawaty Ernawaty


Target of research is to know growth of quality and economics development of economics after autonomy area year 2002-2007.
Analyzer the used is analysis Growth of economics, Human Development Index (HDI), Incremental Capital Output Ratio ( ICOR), Incremental Labour Output Ratio ( ILOR), Index Purchasing Power, and poorness index.
Result of analysis growth of economics evaluated from PDRB-ADHK, increasing from year to year and sector leading economics of Malang City is processing industry and also commerce, restaurant and hotel. And than Human Development Index (HDI) included in middle top category , its meaning of government of Malang City show optimal performance. In this case government of Malang City can develop two component that is education index and health index experiencing of increase. In the year 2007 value of ICOR Malang City only giving contribution equal to 16,33 % its meaning of the value assumed less efficient, because change of higher capital from Change of PDRB. ILOR Year 2007 showing equal to 2,23%, matter this means in the year 2007 if happened increase of PDRB equal to one million rupiah hence followed by absorbtion of labour equal to 2,23%. IDB Malang City tend to increase, its meaning that show of ability of Malang urban community in consuming service or goods. Finally, Gini Ratio Malang City include on low lameness, that is 0.25 in year 2003 and increase become 0,32 in year 2005.

Keyword : Pembangunan Ekonomi, Otonomi Daerah


Pembangunan Ekonomi; Otonomi Daerah