The title of this study is An Analysis on the superior sector in West Lombok in 2005 ? 2007. The purpose of this study is to know the superior sectors in West Lombok.
In review of related literature, the researcher enclosures the previous research by Yustina Harini entitled An Analysis on the Potential Correlation of Superior Sector to toward Labour Recruitment in Blitar City. The previous study is used as reference and comparison for the researcher.
The instrument for this study to test the data is Location Quotient (LQ) to know the superior sector in West Lombok on 2005 ? 2007.
Based on the analysis of LQ, it can be known that approximately LQ value of each sector in West Lombok is as follow; agriculture sector 1,25, mine sector 0,12, industry 0,90, electrical 1,42, construction 1,71, trading 1,61, public transportation 1,29, finance 1,01 and service sector 1,31.
From the result of study, it can be concluded that there is 7 sectors that includes in superior categories are agriculture, electrical, construction, trading, public transportation, financial and service. While other 2 sectors in non superior sectors are mine and industry. In correlation with the problem above, the researcher can contribute the suggestion to develop potential continuously especially in agriculture sector tourism, where the sectors can be the mainstay to mobilize other sector so that can accelerate economical growth. For sectors that is not in categories of superioro have sector of West Lombok; like mine and industry, the government does not need to have innovation to develop the sectors. It is because it has not potency to be the superior sector of West Lombok.

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sektor unggulan