Department of Development Economic Study, 2009

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Analysis of Tourism Sector Development of Mojokerto Regency will discuss about the tourism sector infrastructure and potencies at Mojokerto Regency. The research aimed at knowing the tourism sector condition at Mojokerto Regency and knowing the tourism potencies at Mojokerto regency. The research is descriptive and qualitative research that is to understand the phenomenon and situation that occurred. The data collection of the research by using documentation and observation. The data analysis by using SWOT analysis.
During the last five years, the tourism sector at Mojokerto regency experienced the tourist increase. Where the tourist increase of 11.45% per year. The Mojokerto Regency has 7 tourism objects where the Warm Water Park and Trowulan Tourism has the largest tourist that is 162.021 and 231.138 tourists respectively in 2007. From the research, it can be concluded that the tourism infrastructure at Mojokerto regency is good enough, but it need some improvement for sub district that does not have good facilities such as hotels and restaurants. While based on SWOT analysis, the two tourism places of Warm Water Park of Pacet and Trowulan Tourism, it is gotten some factors based on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, thread. So it is obtained results that in developing tourism object at Mojokerto regency beside considering the tourist wants also should consider the environmental preservation so the ecosystem destruction will not occurred.

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