Department of Development Economic Study, 2007

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This research concerning "Profile Poorness And Effort of Handling in District of Bandung Sub Province Tulungagung".
This research target is such to know 1) Poorness profile in district of Bandung Sub-Province of Tulungagung 2) To know what step is correct in handling of poorness problem which in District of Bandung Sub-Province of Tulungagung.
This research is done by in Countryside of Suwaru, Kedungwilut, and Countryside of Sebalor by using primary data source and of sekunder. In intake of sample used by method of porposif sampling, which the intake of him taken pursuant to impecunious resident which at most accepting aids of raskin of government.
Technique data collecting use interview technique, observation, and quesioner enquette). Data analysis of using descriptive analysis qualitative which presented by using graph and tables. obtained to be data to be analysed based on existing theory and also isn't it exploited the tables of.
Pursuant to data analysis, obtained result of with conclusion that : 1) Poorness profile known as following : education of very low responder household head namely finish do not SD equal to (60% responder), everyday living all responders as farmer that is equal to 64% responder, responder family responsibility range from 3-4 so that the amount of responsibilities of is overall of family equal to 6 people (53% responder). Level of earnings all impecunious residents very that is under Rp 200.000 / months equal to 55% responder, low of the earnings him also will have an effect on to accomplishment will access health, which with the low earnings all impecunious residents unable to bring the family of to Hospital if pain was but cured by xself 68% responder. With earnings which is the minim hence they cannot fulfill requirement of everyday fundamental 2) Effort handling of poorness, there is 3 in perpective that is : a) Handling poorness in in perpective of Local Government, b) Handling poorness in perpective of researcher, and c) Handling poorness in perpective of researcher.

Keyword : Profil Kemiskinan Dan Upaya Penanggulangannya di Kecamatan Bandung Kabupaten Tulungagung


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