Department of Development Economic Study, 2007

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Purpose of this research has done to knowing efficiency level from food and beverage company whom exist in Indonesia and listed at Jakarta Stock Exchange.
Furthermore Knowable so that the level of efficiency value and level of variable contribution to increase the company efficiency.
This research has done the approach non-parametrik, that is Data of Envelopment Analysis, Data of Envelopment Analisys ( DEA) represent a model of efficiency measurement with non parametrik base on the programasi linear which is many used to analyse the efficiency storey;level by calculating comparison of ratio of output and input in a condition multi of input and multi output or can be told a type of efficiency measurement to be used is efficiency having the character of technical ( technically efficient). This research used the input variable consisted of total asset, salary expense and cost of sale. While variable output used is asset acquirement, earnings of others and net of sales.
From research result which have been done at twenty company of food and beverage listedat Jakarta Stock Exchange of during period 2005-2006 got result that at the period attainment of efficiency of company of food and beverage in Indonesia experience of improvement. Where in the year 2005 amount of company owning maximum efficiency value ( 100 %) is seven company and in next year mount to become eleven company. From eleven the company there is six company which remain to maintain the maximum value efficiency that is PT. Ades Waters Indonesia.Tbk, PT. Aqua Golden Mississippi.Tbk, PT. Davomas Abadi. Tbk, PT. Fast Food Indonesia. Tbk, PT. Multibintang Indonesia. Tbk, PT. Sekar Laut. Tbk.
From six variable of input and output which is used as a determinant component assess the efficiency known that input variable ( total of asset, salary expense and cost of sales) owning repair opportunity ( potential improvement / slack) which vary between 0,00 - 96 %, this matter indicate that each;every company have the opportunity to use the resource as optimal as possible to reach the maximum result. While variable output consisted by the asset acquirement, earnings of others and net sales its value vary between 0.00 - 1.003,70 %. The value indicate that the attainment output not yet maximum, so that there is repair opportunity of equal to the number.

Keyword : Efisiensi, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)


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