Department of Development Economic Study, 2007

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Lapindo Brantas mud disaster in Sidoarjo East Java that spurts since May 29, 2006 has not been solved yet till today. Based on the data of infokom East Java 2007, there is 2.095 KK/8.388 residents should be evacuated in refuges, that is located in Pasar Baru Porong (PBP).
Meanwhile, physical losses as the result of warm-mud is 12 villages, then it causes for about 10.426 houses and 77 religious places also 600 hectares lands are not functioned because of submerged in the mud. 18 units of school is sank under the mud and it makes teaching learning process be blocked, 4 government offices are threatened by unemployment officials and many other damaged environments. Beside, those areas are the main region in East Java; it is proved by 30 units of plant drawn and for about 1.873 employees is unemployed, and not far from the location, there is toll road for Surabaya-Gempol, highways for Surabaya-Malang and Surabaya-Pasuruan-Banyuwangi (East Pantura Line).
Because of that condition, the purposes of this study are to know the Lapindo mud disaster effects toward social-economic factor of society in Renokenongo village in order to increase the writer knowledge in correlation with the mud disaster that has not been solved yet till today and as the suggestion toward Lapindo party to be solve it immediately and give appropriate contribution toward residents who are in this condition.
From the result of discussion, there is any drastic decrement in average income of society that is Rp. 750.000 ? Rp. 100.000 for about 53,33% to be < Rp. 500.000 for about 83,33%, so that with their operations. For them who cannot maintain their works, they get find the new one as motorcycle driver for public transportation for about 33,33%, official in other city, tailor in a convection, each of them is for about 3,33% and for them are not able to get other profession has no choice to be unemployment for about 33,33%. Yet, this disaster does not give such effects on their children education, it is proved by there is none of them is drop out from their education.
Finally, this mud disaster is not only the problem of victims by Lapindo, but also to be our problem in order to make us care of them so that government, society, and Lapindo supports are much needed. I hope that this paper can give advantages toward all, and it is expected that this problem can be solved in a good way.

Keyword : Bencana Lumpur Lapindo dan Sosial Ekonomi


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