Department of Communication Science, 2008

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PENERAPAN TEKNIK KOMUNIKASI PERSUASIF DALAM MEMBINA PERCAYA DIRI NARAPIDANA (Studi Pada Bagian Bimbingan Pemasyarakatan Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Klas I Lowokwaru Malang)

Ita Susana


Go together growth of communications which faster need existence of correct communications also in have interaction with others. This matter also happened Institute of Jail Class 1. Unlucky I Lowokwaru. Draw here have been happened form of communication of coercive pursuant to confession of builder conducting and the convict experiencing of the treatment. Communications of Coercive cause convict own feeling fear and isolate self so that do not own self confidence. Pursuant to the mentioned of part of Bimpas Institute Unlucky Jail Class 1 Lowokwaru specify technique of communications of persuasive in conducting construction to convict. The specifying of communications of persuasive by Bimpas make Bimpas have to have correct technique also to apply communications of persuasive mentioned in constructing self confidence convict. Pursuant to [the] mentioned hence the formula internal issue of this research [is] " how applying of technique of communications of persuasive in constructing self confidence convict?". As for intention of this research is to description of applying of technique of communications of persuasive in constructing self confidence convict.
From some kinds of communications technique that is persuasive, coercive and information, technique used in this research is communications persuasive technique. Communications persuasive is message which is always addressed to efforts which in character push communicant in order to [his/its] attitude fox or his opinion behavior or not because of constraint from others but by own account wittingly by self (Effendy, 1992:17). As for communications persuasive technique type used in this research [is] integration technique, pay-off & fear arousing technique icing and ( Effendy, 1992: 18-21)
This research use Descriptive type qualitative. Research Informant stipulating by using technique purposive sampling, is so that obtained five informants. Technique data collecting use interview, documentation and observation. Technique analyzes data used [by] that is analyzing data domain data authenticity technique and use triangulation.
Result of research conducted in shares of Bimpas Institute Unlucky Jail Class I Lowokwaru got that, in executing attainment of final purpose Institute Jail that is fox of behavior so that construction of self confidence of convict at shares of Bimpas earns executing better. Hence activity of construction conducted cover education construction, skilled and religious in course of its construction is Bimpas apply technique of communications of persuasive which guidance of integration technique, " pay-off & fear arousing" and technique " icing" in executor Bimpas also develop principle of communications of persuasive participate mass and change. By applying technique of communications and principle communications of the persuasive of goals from construction of self confidence of convict start to experience of change, pursuant to boldness of informant of convict start can control emotion, interaction able to be good with worker and also with other; dissimilar convict own motivation to multiply knowledge and assure in experience life. From inferential above description that technique of communications of persuasive applied by shares of Bimpas in constructing self confidence of acceptable convict and application by convict which actively follow construction activity.

Keyword : Teknik Komunikasi Persuasif; Percaya Diri

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