Department of Biology, 2008

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Biological science Study process [in] SMPN 1 Batu indicate that the achievement and activity learn the student less. [The] mentioned cause the unproductive class. During the time study method used the to at school vary the (discourse, discussion and question and answer and also attempt) but LKS used still in the form of LKS closed which only contain the problem and activity with the answer surely because have been made available [in] guide-book or [in] breakdown of items [of] exist in LKS so that in school activity [of] student less be creative and is not skillful. LKS opened to represent one of way of to can train the student find the concept or fact as according to creativity and themselves initiative.
This Research Type represent the research of class action ( PTK), This Research [is] executed in two action cycle. Each; Every action cycle consisted of [by] the items sub learnt with one cycle learn the. visible action Efficacy indicator from make-up of activity learn from cycle I - II in consequence of applying LKS opened. place And research time executed [at] tgl 29 Nov - 06 Des 2007 [in] SMP of Country I Petrify the. Target in this research [is] student of class VIII-A amounting to 38 student. Method [of] data collecting use the observation sheet, individual tes / quiz and tes [of] result of learning. Data analysis for the activity of learn to use the percentage mount the activity of student activity, while achievement learn analysed by using complete learn. learn each student adapted for [by] SKBM school that is ? 75.
Result of research [of] [at] action cycle of I menunjukkann of mean percentage from sixth [of] activity covering to formulate the problem, raising hypothesis, [doing/conducting] perception / obeservasi, presenting and analysing data in the form of tables of / picture, compiling conclusion, and also communicate result of masterpiece [of] [in front/ahead] of class [is] 63.75%. This matter because of student still not yet accustomed use the LKS opened so that they still feel the muzziness in doing this LKS matter and also finish the bayak time. After [done/conducted] [by] a action repair [of] [at] cycle II, activity mean learn to mount that is 85%. While to [be] complete learn [at] cycle I [of] equal to 73,68% from 38 student [of] there are 10 student which is not complete and experience of the improvement [of] [at] cycle II that is 81,5% from 38 student [of] there are 7 student which is not complete. Complete improvement learn [at] cycle II caused [by] a student have been trained to find the concept / fact sesua with the creativity and inisiaf themselves so that knowledge obtained remembered easier. [The] mentioned indicate that the Applying LKS opened in effective study inkuiri in improving activity and achievement learn student.



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