Analisis Ketersediaan Pakan Hijauan Dari Hasil Samping Pertanian Untuk Pengembangan Ternak Potong( Studi Di Kecamatan Turen Kabupaten Malang Propinsi Jawa Timur )

Oki Kurniawan


This research start on July to August 2003 with the location on Turen District, Regency of Malang, East Java. The object of this research for understand about level of substance woof livestock is come from compost heap and for understand about potentions from Turen are have the best sufficient for growing the livestock.
In this research can take the object of the livestock population. Capacities of food plant. Production total of compost heap on 1998 to 3003 on Turen District, regency of Malang. Basic on a research output and predictions from 1998 to 2003 take result of rate of carry as effect compost heap in every year is 15622,58 ST woof and the rate livestock population.
On Turen District is 6730,49 livestock units. And then for stock projection substance of Greece is come from compost heap in every year rate is 375.923,06 and for projection livestock population for every year, rate between 2003 ? 2007 is 128.241,82. Basic on result of projection the stock substance of woof Greece from compost heap equivalent with livestock on Turen between 2003 ? 2007 can get the result 2,932 or surplus substance of woof in every year is 247.687,25. From that equivalent so stock of substance woof from compost heap is surplus to that population of livestock, this can view of that Turen District have a potention for growing the livestock.
The result is that the stock woof from compost heap is great and have potention for growing the livestock on 2003 ? 2007. The suggestion is that can be obtained for additional the population of livestock.




Pakan Hijauan,Ternak Potong