Pengaruh Ketinggian Tempat Terhadap Konsumsi, Konversi, Dan Produksi Ayam Petelur Periode Lay

Agus Purnomo


The research was done at Amaliah Hen Livestock, Ploso Godong village, Gudo sub-district, Jombang residence and Experimental Farm, Husbandry and Fishery Faculty, Muhammadiyah University of Malang, Tegal Gondo, Malang Residence starting from July 7th until July 27th.The research aimed to find out about the influence of location height to eggs consumption, conversion, and production for Hen at layer period.
Material used is Hen at Layer period aged 33 weeks for 60 hens. Variable which has been taken are including eating consumption, eating conversions, and egg production. Method used was experimental method by using non-couple t-test. Application steps are by giving the same treatment, giving scheduled woof, temperature and humidity measurement for both location, and compared with t-test.The result showed that average consumption to hens at Malang :118,94 grams ; consumption conversion : 1,79, and eggs production 64,16 grams, and for Jombang, average consumption of hens :111,97, consumption conversion 1,66, and eggs production : 65,90 grams.Conclusion which taken from the research are location height would caused difference at consumption. At higher place, hen would consume more than hen at Jombang. Height of the location is not influencing consumption conversion and eggs production. Hens outside Loghman could be developed whether at high or low area with the same consumption material.




Konsumsi,Konversi, Produksi Ayam Petelur