Department of Agribisnis, 2008

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Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Penjualan Buah Apel di Pasar Wisata Kota Batu (Studi Kasus Pasar Wisata Selecta, Songgoriti dan Jawa Timur Park)

Rudy Kurniawan Wijayanto


The research was conducted at three tourism market place at Batu city; Selekta tourism market, Songgoriti tourism market and Jawa Timur Park tourism market. The location determination was conducted by purposive with consideration that only three places which has tourism market place. This research was conducted by census method where all population to be research object because all fruit trader sell apple. Data analysis method used in arranged this thesis were multiple linier regression analysis.
Most of apple traders at Batu city tourism market are women. The age of responder is still on productive age between 41 ? 50 years old with percentage 35%. Responder has elementary school education level 13 person with percentage 38% same as amount of trader who has high school education level. The traders who had been sold for 1 ? 10 years amount of 15 responders with percentage 44%. The trader who has one labor amount of 14 person with percentage 41%. The business that was conducted by responder represent main business has 30 responder or percentage 88%. Size of apple most sold at Batu city tourism market is AB size as 6 ? 7 fruit perkilogram. Responder gives treatment to the apple before sold by cleaning with clean cloth in order to look clean and shine. After cleaning, the apple arranged on the table in order to interest the buyer. Besides arranged on the table, the apple also to be sold with it place that had form like seine. Treatment toward the apple which was not sold by threw because it has spoiled.
The factors affecting apple sale at Batu city tourism market among others apple fruit stock, preparation capital and holiday. If the apple fruit stock increase 100 kg, thus selling volume will increase 12,2 kg and selling value will increase 1.048.000 rupiahs. If the preparation capital increase 1.000.000 rupiahs, thus selling volume will increase 16 kg and selling value will increase 114.00 rupiahs. On holiday selling of apple will increase selling volume 48,996 kg and selling volume 346.517 rupiahs.
The researcher gives suggestion for trader to add preparation capital to run their business. Amount of capital that more, thus apple fruit stock was sold would be more. The consumer has many choices to buy apple will be bought. Thus, it will be increase selling volume and selling value of apple to add apple stock on holiday because apple selling will increase.

Keyword : Analisis Regresi Linier Berganda;Apel;Penjualan

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