Department of Agribisnis, 2008

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ANALISIS USAHATANI TANAMAN KEDELAI ( Glycine max (L.) Merrill ) KELAS Foundation Seed (FS) UNTUK MENGHASILKAN BENIH BERSERTIFIKAT ( Studi Kasus di Balai Benih Induk BBI Palawija Kecamatan Singgosari KabupatenMalang )



Indonesia is one of country that choos resourse such as enough large and fertile land. Climate, temperature and suitable damping to growing of main food, such as (seed, tuber and bean) may grow better. One of some food plant which be need by Indonesian is soybean plant (Glysine max (L) Merril). The goal of this study are : 1. to know cost, accepting and efficiency earning of farm effort to gained certificate seed. 2. To know efficiency of foundation seed in soybean, based on the test criteria. 3. to know what constraints be faced in farm effort to gain certificate seed.
The hypothesis of this study is supposed that seeding of soybean in Main Seed College of Crops Planted As 2d Crop In Dry Season of Bedali of Singosari district and Malang Regency is efficien to be effort. Because this institution constitute one of producers of certificated seed government?s in East Java.
Based on the observation to farmer to soybean seeding in BBI Crops Planted As 2d Crop In Dry Season of Malang for 20 farmes and the methods is used in respondent taking by census method because all of worker or farmer in BBI of Malang are taken half to be respondents. The data have two kind, primary data and secondary data. The average of production cost per area which have to be out by responden farmer about Rp. 2.434.551,89
The acepting average of soybean farm effor of respondent farmer in land convertion in one area about Rp. 5.067.759,61. The earning average of soybean seed farm effort in land 1 area about Rp. 2.633.207,72. While the average accepting of farm effort just Rp. 5.067.759,62. The result from R/C ratio average after it is carried out convertion in 1 area, so it may be concluded that R/C ratio value about 2,11 which more than 1. it is similar after it is carried out t test result about 7,906 with t table 1.72 ((α = 0,05, df = 20). t test more than t tabel (7.960 > 1.72) so it is suitable with decision taking criteria that seeding of soybean is efficien to be effort.




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