Department of Agribisnis, 2008

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ANALISIS EFISIENSI USAHATANI PADI ORGANIK (Studi Kasus di Desa Sumber Ngepoh Kecamatan Lawang Kabupaten Malang)



Organic rice is a rice which planted without any fertilizer or chemical pesticide. The problem that would be written in the research were : (1) How much cost, income, and revenue of organic Rice Farm ; (2) is the Organic Rice Farm has been efficient in Economic ; This research aimed to (1) finding out cost, income and revenue of Organic Rice Farm ; (2) Finding out the efficiency of Organic Rice Farm in Economic.
Data collection method consisted of two kinds data. They were : Primary data from interview and observation by using question lists / questionnairre prepared, where the research was done in Sumber Ngepoh Village.
The method was done in purposive way, at Sumber Ngepoh Village Lawang Sub-District Malang Residence since Sumber Ngepoh Village has some experiences in organic rice farm, where they started planting in 1997 with semi-organic and full-organic plant in 2003.
The research at Sumber Ngepoh Village Lawang Sub-District Malang Residence showed Organic Rice farm income Rp Rp. 17.930.629,63 per hectare. Efficiency analysis was done to find out the efficiency of organic rice far. From the research at Sumber Ngepoh, there found that R/C ratio = 3,7 since R/C ratio more than 1 (>1) so that the organic rice farm would be efficient and worth to tried and the income was Rp. 12.991.787,04 per hectare.
The farmer did their effort continuously because of the small cost and large income.

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