ANALISIS PENDAPATAN TEPUNG UBI JALAR(Studi kasus pada PT Galih Estetika Kecamatan Lebakwangi Kabupaten Kuningan Jawa Barat)

Anang Aly Ilmawan


This cassava powder is hoped to reduce the wasted cassave because of its damage or its rotten. Besides, it will serve as finished material or product and will be durable. This activity will support the application of Instruksi Preseden R.I. in the year of 1979, about the diversified types of the quality of people?s food nutrition. The management of cassave to become the cassava powderia an agroindustrial farming activity. Managing of cassava to become powder is hoped to increase the quality and quantity of the cassava usage. The purpose of this study is to know the cassava powder?s cost structure and income. It is used to know the efficiency, BEPq, and BEPp of the cassava powder. The determination of the location is done on purpose at PT GALIH ESTETIKA because this company is one which manages the cassava of becoming cassava paste and powder. The data taken was primary data, i.e., direct interview with the company owner, and secondary data which are taken from the income and the expenses of this company. From the result of this study, it is found that the total expenses of PT GALIH ESTETIKA to produce the cassava powder in 2002 are less than the income, then this company still get the profit. And the cassava powder production was above the BEP and R/C ratio is > 1.


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