Marketing of Sugar of system of RITEL in PG. Javanese musical that is system of have scale to of every some month as according to letter from Board of directors and also capacities of product to be sold . sale system of this RITEL is only propagated special in Regency of just Probolinggo for the purpose of in order that society of Probolinggo can enjoy product from PG. Javanese musical by xself (decentralize). After getting letter from Board of directors then PG.GENDING propagate the news through announcement. Is hereinafter performed by an meeting with all merchant to buy sugar system of the RITEL, where merchant buying biggest in number and so on will get the sugar until stoke of sugar system of the RITEL is used up sold. As for level of sugar sold for system of this RITEL < 25 Ton.
Target of this Research is 1. To know channel of marketing of sugar from level of producer to level of final consumer 2. To know the level of marketing expense, advantage, share, and marjin of marketing of at each channel of marketing in concerned 3. To know value of elasticity of transmission of price from execution of marketing of sugar commodity 4. To know behavioral of market seen from form integrate sugar market
Method of data collecting from this research there is two method that is primary data is fundamental data which is concerning research, primary data intake conducted by direct interview with producer constructively questionnaire (questioner) which have been compiled, is and also provided with by the other note assumed by a need. Medium sekunder data is data represent supporter data from conducted research, data sekunder conducted by taking away from book of and also institution of related to this research.
In this research got that there are three pattern of marketing channel sugar in PG. Geding Kabupaten Probolinggo. Share accepted by biggest producer there are at marketing ke-III channel pattern (PG. Javanese Musical - Middle class trader - Retailer - Consumer) equal to 84,49 %. While share for the lowest production there are at marketing ke-I channel pattern (PG. Javanese musical - Whole staler - Merchant middle - Retailer - Consumer) equal to 81,74 %. Elasticity transmission price obtained indicate that Et < 1 with assumption that price change of equal to 1 % in retailer level of resulting of price change less than 1 % in level producer. Calculation integrate market indicate that price in level influenced by price in producer level, because obtained by t-calculate > t-tables. While of value b obtained by b > 1 meaning happened by monopolies from existing marketing institute for with marketing institute which is under his.


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