ANALISIS USAHA DAN NILAI TAMBAH PENGOLAHAN TIWUL INSTAN(di Desa Ngulan Wetan Kecamatan Pogalan Kabupaten Trenggalek



The examination conducted in Ngulan Wetan Village, Pogalan Region, Trenggalek Regent`s. The examination conduct in 2004 th January until Phebruary. The purpose from this examination is to know cost and benefit and plus value from process tiwul instan effort. The mothod from this examination use simple random method. The resul from the examination is pointed as process tiwul instan effort that use material cassava 59.83 kilograme result of tiwul instan 46.15 kilograme. The effort can reserve labour 10 hour/day. Whithout, poue of labour needs to process 1 kilograme of cassava become tiwul instan 0.17 hour/kilograme. If price the output 1,500 rupiach/kilograme and converci factore 0.77, than value of production 1,157.03 rupiach. This production value is tranfered to material cassava 400 rupiach/kilograme. Whithout, point of plus value from each 1 kilograme cassava is 186 rupiach or 16.06 percen from production value. The benefit to labour from 1 kilograme in process cassava become tiwul instan is 136 rupiach or 73.14 percen from plus value. Whithout, part of labour in this process tiwul instan is small is 50 rupiach. The continue analist is rate of profit 26.86 percen from production value.