Analisa Pengembangan Usaha Agribisnis Anggrek(Study Kasus Desa Sidomulyo, Kecamatan Batu, Kota Batu)

Nuirul Hasanah


Every company has goal that want to be achieve whether. Short term or long term, in order the goal can be achieve the company has to take the action. That?s properly with the plan. The company will be able to achieve the goal when the force of the company more than. Weakness so the company will be able to apply the opportunity, of business and eliminate the threat that around it.
Sidomulyo Village, Batu sub district, Batu city is one of the centers Orchid production in Malang. Now has more than 14 producer of orchid (Small scale and big scale) with reach of marketing in town and out of town.
It is important for the company to consider internal and external environment of company in the framework of development effort in order can hoed out and excellent in this business. It is important to apply management strategy to certain company?s business position and analyze how the goal can be achieve with many condition that effect in the frame work of apply the property strategy by the company.
The data that used in this research consist of two kinds they are primer data and secondary data. The data that got analyze quantitatively and qualitatively. Through the approach descriptively with the aim to know the factors that become strong ness, weakness opportunity and threat of the company. Quantitative analyze through the analyze Strategic Advantage Profit (SAP) and environment threat opportunity (ETOP). While quantitative analyze that use is Matrix Internal External (MIE) analyze and SWOT analyze.
Based on the result of discus there are many summaries they are : (1) in the effort of orchid house hold scale the management still traditional if compare to small scale, the factors that distinguish are product variation, row material that available, reach of marketing and ability of people. (II) Based on SWOT analyze and matrix internal ? external that refer to profile of effort and company?s external environment, so the choice of strategy in the effort of agribusiness household scale is ? Internal development strategy ? through develop product, to increase kinds of product, service to consument and to enlarge the market. While for the company of orchid in small scale, so choose the strategy that property apply is ? stability strategy ? with retain of profit and do a little change to the product and market.
Many suggestion that given to this research as follow: (1) the activities of orchid company in marketing of the product must be increase (II) the increasing of the production scale is important to balance with quality increase because the demand of orchid and lover more increase, so the chance must be used. (III) Effort of orchid small scale and big scale are important to develop the work so they can retain even develop the condition of finance and also important to join with bank to get credit in the framework of effort development

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