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Bases of economic strength of national reside in rural. Agrarian properties in Indonesia in the form of agriculture have to remain to be taken care of. As according to its name is Sentra Pengembangan Agribisnis Terpadu (SPAT) represent top of activity of agriculture business, media to position all farmer and group of small industry to be direct of interact market.
In this SPAT present Bakpao Telo as pre-eminent product to draw enthusiasm buy consumer. Bakpao Telo is bakpao which elementary material of broken to java sweet potato becomes java sweet potato flour. To remain to maintain enthusiasm buy to Bakpao Telo, management have to anticipate marketing strategy maintainedly is consumer satisfaction. Main key to win emulation is give satisfaction and value to consumer of through forwarding of service and product which with quality at the price of competing.
Attribute of Bakpao Telo is elements of Bakpao Telo, which is looked into important by consumer and made by base of development of buy decision. As for attribute of Bakpao Telo cover product quality, brand, tidiness, guarantee, service and lable.
Method used to measure satisfaction of consumer is method survey satisfaction of consumer with scale of Likert 5 number. Assess storey; level of satisfaction to an attribute of Bakpao Telo represent function of interpretation from result gap (difference) usher value evaluate to attribute of Bakpao Telo lessened by the level of expectation to attribute of Bakpao Telo.
Election of Sampel use accidental of sampling. Sum up sampel 50 consumer that is consumer met by medium go shopping Bakpao Telo. Analyse data use analysis description. At score of satisfaction of consumer obtained by a picture that is at performance of tidiness of there are negative difference of expectation and evaluate big consumer hence the consumer feel not satisfied meaning performance of tidiness of Bakpao Telo still be felt less by consumer. At performance of guarantee there are negative difference between expectation of consumer with big evaluation hence the consumer feel not satisfied meaning performance of guarantee of Bakpao Telo still be felt less by consumer. For other variable have felt as a consumer hence interprets according to its expectation have felt to performance of product quality, brand, service and lable.

Keyword : kepuasan konsumen; pengembangan agribisnis

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kepuasan konsumen; pengembangan agribisnis