One of the characteristic of the construction that must be had by country that have the most potension from agriculture sector that will purpose to industry state is the construction policy which preserve the interrelated betwen agriculture sector and industry sector by industry construction.
Agriculture sector have firm interrelatedness with industry sector because agriculture sector produce. The raw material that it must be turned by industry sector tobe half product or finished product. Like wise the industry sector is hoped produce it self many kind of production medium which is needed by industry sector to prosessing the agriculture product that cover the effort to process the raw material as an items of trade. As economically the value more high, such as the production of sticky rice to be ? brem?.
From the condition above, so the researcher emphasize the problems to : 1) How much the plus value that?s got from the production of brem? 2) How much the income that?s got from the production of brem? The purposes of the research are : 1) to know how much the plus value that?s got from the production of brem? 2) to know how much the income that?s got from the production of brem? And the functions of the research are : 1) to give information about the plus value and the income from the production of brem. 2) to give orientation or describtion to the enterpreneurs in investment the financial capital about the production effort of brem 3) as the scientific bibliography to the, next reseacher.
The research is done purposively in Bancong village, kecamatan Wonoasri at Madiun with the cosideration that in thus area there are the industry of brem production. In respondent decision is done pioneer survey to know how much the population. And the result of survey, the researcher take 5 industry of brem production as respondent.
The method of taking data is done in one time process of production. The data that was got in the research are : 1) the primer data that was got from direct interview with the owner of production by questionaire. And make direct observed at field to get the incresing data that can support the data before. 2) the sekunder data is the supporting data which is got from institute that related as village office and bibliography.
The method of data analyze that used are quantitative analyze that cover are plus value and income, profit analyze and the absorption of man power analyze.
The result of the analyze research of plus value at effort of production brem are:
1.The production of sticky rice to be brem can produce the level income in one time process if production is Rp 1.340.500,00 with production cost Rp 1.065.455,75. Plus value is got from the production of brem Rp 2.085,50 each pack with the plus value ratio 0,37 % and 21,09 % is repayment for the workers and the profit is Rp 1.646,50 each one kilogram.
2.The calculation process of plus value show that the repayment of worker (P) is smaller than the profit (r) which is aceepted by produser, so the process of brem production emphasize to the total of financial capital.
1.Need the helping from institute or side that related to help solve the problem that facing with give the helping about financial capital in the from easy to get, the balancing of amount and time, low flower in order the enterpreneur can increase the production.
2.If the owner want to increase the result of production, so the owner must increase the raw material and another input contribution that used.
3.There is pattern of ?Bapak Angkat?, it is hoped become partner that need each other so, it can reinforce the economic basis in the village. The application of bapak angkat can done in brem production industry that more established, it?s good that the technology, source and the capital financial which is had and used optimally, it is moved to another production industry of brem that needed.

Keyword : Analisis Nilai Tambah; Pengolahan Brem

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Analisis Nilai Tambah; Pengolahan Brem