KONTRIBUSI PENDAPATAN SUBSEKTOR PERIKANAN DALAM KELUARGA PETANI(Studi Kasus di Desa Sumbermulyo Kecamatan Sarang Kabupaten Rembang)



Agriculture sector is one of sector that can be mostly regarded survive in facing economic crisis. On the other hand, it cannot face water crisis on farm. In such situation, there are many farmers at Sumbermulyo which try to fulfil their family economical necessity where they work part-time in order to get additional income as fisherman. It is probably caused by agriculture sector that cannot fulfil their economical necessity yet. This is usually activated in the scarcity because if they only hope form agriculture sector, the daily necessity will not be fulfilled.
This research aims to (1) Know the farmer?s effort at seashore in fulfilling their economical necessity; (2) Know the number of income contribution form fishery sub sector in sum of farmers family?s income; (3) Know the income comparison of fishery sub sector and agriculture sector.
The Hypothesis of this research are: (1) estimated that there is high-income contribution from each part-time job toward the sum of household income. (2) estimated that farmer?s income on fishery sub sector is higher than agriculture sector. This research is performed intentionally at Sumbermulyo, Sarang, Rembang. This research uses primary and secondary data. Collecting data conducts interview with respondents. Sample is determined as purposive method. Data analysis method used is paired t test analysis method for third aim and contribution analysis method for second aim.
From research result gained shows that farmers on seashore (research area) tends to seek alternative part-time job as fisherman because, factually, from account result is obtained more than 50% farmers? income come from fishery sub sector, 74,11%. It seems that income from fishery sector gives high contribution in the sum of farmer family?s income. For two paired sample tests, there is significant difference between income from fishery sector and agriculture sector where farmers? income in fishery sector is higher than agriculture sector with t ratio > t table in which t ratio is 8,04 and t table is 2,02 on the significance of 95%.


Link terkait : http://skripsi.umm.ac.id/files/disk1/62/jiptummpp-gdl-s1-2005-aripujinin-3098-Pendahul-n.pdf