Indonesia represent big state regionally is wide and sum up solid resident. Famous Indonesia with the title agricultural country of because fertility of land; ground and pickings product of agriculture. In national development, agricultural sector made by as foundation in development, this matter is mirror in PELITA I - VI. In this case the agricultural sector have important role to development, this is visible from contribution of agricultural sector to national earnings.
Level of ill assorted agricultural sector role with the level of what obtained by all agriculture perpetrator that is all farmer. During New Order of farmer is always made by as victimizing in development, policy applied by a government tend to to induce negativity to farmer, this matter is proven from life of all farmer which underprivileged always. In the year 1999 governance of New Order fall down and replaced with Reform Order governance which governmental in this case more have the character of democratic and more side to wong cilik. This matter is the background overshadow researcher to take title: " Analyze Governmental Policy In agricultural sector on 2000-2003".
Intention of this research is to know 1) level of role agricultural sector of Gross Domestic Product national 2) governmental policy about agriculture in the year 2000-2003, and 3) governmental the seeding of policy to farmer.
From research result, role of agricultural sector seen from contribution to Gross Domestic Product national give biggest contribution of second after industry manufacture that is mean give contribution of equal to 17,45 %, while industry manufacture of equal to 22,68 %.
biggest Farm use in Indonesia is agriculture farm that is equal to 77,03 % from farm entirety exploited, pursuant to Number 4 Year 1992 government have converted agriculture farm become real estate of equal to 29,64 % from productive agriculture farm entirety.
Policy of about good base price of base price shell of rice, rice and sugar. Pursuant to Inpres of Number 8 Year 2000 base price of shell of rice go up to become Rp. 1500/Kg from previous year that is equal to Rp. 1400/Kg
Pursuant To SK Menperindag of Number 70/MPP/Kep/2/2003 manure subsidize to return applied is previously abstracted in the year 1998. In this case the fund which allocation of equal to Rp. 1,315 Trillion and requirement fertilize equal to 6.354.414 ton/year covering manure Urea, TSP/SP-36, ZA, and NPK.
Policy import to product of agricultural produce by government, because domestic product fall short to be consumed by the society. This matter is happened by because progressively the increasing of amount of resident which is not made balance to at the height of agricultural produces production. Import commodity of substance of food to date reaches US$. 1.703.984.330.
From visible research result that from some governmental policy to agricultural sector of during year 2000-2003 not yet stood up for farmer. This matter indicates that government not yet earned to make policy profiting agricultural sector, especially for farmer. Lack of observation in policy execution represent one of reason not yet sided it policy to farmer

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Kebijakan Pemerintah Di Sektor Pertanian