ANALISIS DINAMIKA KELOMPOK TANI “MADURASA” (Studi Kasus di Desa Muneng Kecamatan Pilangkenceng Kabupaten Madiun)

Andriyani Dwi Hardhiyanti


The purpose of this research is to find out farmers group dynamics of “Madurasa” in Muneng village, Pilangkenceng district, Madiun regency. This research is case study that uses Sytimatic Random Sampling, it is taking a sample randomly systematics at certain interval. The sample that is taked randomly is only the first sample, but the next sample is taked according to the value of interval. In this research the value of interval is 2. The Population that is taked expressly from this research is “Madurasa” farmers group’s members. Data analysis uses qualitative descriptive analysis, in this case, the descriptive data is the qualitative data is the data about group dynamics factors i.e. Group’s goal, group structure, assignment function, group tutorial, group’s spirit of teamwork, group’s atmosphere, group pressure and group effectiveness. From the analysis in this research, we can conclude that “ Madurasa” farmers group is dynamics, because this group has made the real changing for all of the members, for example it became first champion at Supra Insus Championship and Achievement Cooperation. “ Madurasa “ farmers group also improve its member’s knowledge, so that it can improve farmers family’s prosperity.
From this research it can be concluded that :
1. We can say that “ Madurasa “ farmers group is a dynamics farmers group, because the goal of the group i.e. improving human resources for achieving its member’s prosperity, keeping the unity of the group, making a good relationship with the external side, improving knowledge and skill in farming, using a credit which is given by the farmers group, have been achieving well. 2. Group Structure that is formed and agreed together has been recognized and approved by “Madurasa” farmers group members in order to improving “Madurasa” farmers group progress. 3. Group assignment function which has been composed in “Madurasa” farmers group has been going on its own position, so it can accelerate group dynamicization. 4. The lack of “Madurasa” farmers group’s tutorial because of the limited PPL, the agent who give the tutorial. It cause the farmers group get less new agriculture information. 5. There is a good interrelationship among the members because they are neighbors, and it can accelerate farmer group’s progress. 6. “Madurasa” farmers group’s atmosphere is in harmony because there is a good teamwork between chief, director and members. Harmonic atmosphere will support the group’s progress. 7. Group pressure in “Madurasa” farmers group is happened, because the farmers group has to face external problems like the lack of government support especially the difficulty of gabah distribution. It is inhibiting this group expectation to progress.
8. “Madurasa” farmers group effectiveness is very good. It is proved at many championships. This group became the first champion in Supra Insus champioship in East Java on 2001, and became Achievement Cooperation in Madiun regency on 2002.

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