Great Garden Purwodadi represent one of the institute of flora conservation by ex situ that is continuation of flora outside its genuiness habitat. Besides as one of the institute of conservation ex situ, Great Garden Purwodadi also function as recreation place. Individuality which on the market is natural beauty and flora variety representing garden collection arranged naturally. A information very needed at in market analysis tourism, where this information is obtained by perceiving consumer behavior. By comprehending tourist behavior expected can formulate the correct strategy to repair of fascination wisata, marketing hotchpotch as a whole to be decided by related/relevant Institution
The purpose of this research are: 1) Analysing the level of influence of attitude and norm subjektif to enthusiasm and consumer behavior in UPT of Hall Great Garden Plant Conservation of Purwodadi Sub-Province Pasuruan in enjoying object wisata; and 2) Analysing correct marketing strategy to company in order to drawing tourist to pay a visit to UPT of Hall Great Garden Plant Conservation of Purwodadi Sub-Province Pasuruan to see the object wisata.
Regional determination of this research is intentionally ( Purposive) that is in Great Garden of Purwodadi Sub-Province Pasuruan. Method of Intake sampel with the method of Accidental Sampling. This Intake Sampel is used because not sampling framework (sampel frame) and don?t see whether this importance of group or people. Sampel in this research amount to 50 people on the chance of answered the demand for the sake of analysis. Responder selected is them paying a visit to Great object wisata Garden of Purwodadi Sub-Province Pasuruan. Data Type used in this research there is 2 kinds of, that is: data of primary and data sekunder.
Method of data Intake in this research is kuesioner, and interview. Method and analysis by used is descriptive analysis, validity, reliabilitas, analyse the doubled regresi, test the t, test the F, coefficient of determinasi parsial, and doubled coefficient determinasi.
Tourist enthusiasm in paying a visit to Great Garden of Purwodadi only influenced by invitation or people influence closest, like is near by, girlfriend, place superior work, and neighbour. Attitude don?t influence the tourist enthusiasm because of tourist come not of their interest to this object wisata but stop by to be free is tired than journey far, because its place is very strategic. Besides many visitor misinterpreting this object wisata only used as by a place have an affair
This Strategy implication is guidance at strategy of service marketing, it marginally consisted by 3 matter, for example: 1). Managing difference that is by differentiating its service with the service its competitor, forwarding of service can be done by 3 is way of, that is: Great Garden of Purwodadi can differentiate the x'self by owning one who more can and more trusted to contact the client. Can make the more interesting physical environment like re-arranging and adding facility making visitor interested and feel balmy. Can design the process is forwarding of its service become more pre-eminent. 2). Managing the Quality of service that is by giving service by the quality of superordinate from its competitor consistently, the key is accomodate or even exceed the expectation quality of service expected by client. 3). Managing Productivity by: improving labour membership by giving specialized training, improving the amount of service so that visitor more feel balmy, and add the equipments and existing product by accomodating it at other place

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