Policy of rice import represent policy of economics, although all of us know
that importance of politics even also still very strong kissed from about its exit of this
policy. clear but, with its exit of policy of this rice import, can be concluded that more
of sharing is side which is nonalignment to farmer.
Ideally, government have to protect absorbent economics sectors many labour.
Specially labour of nonterampil have difficult low fee to find other work if only them
losing of work which have there is. Clan farmer the example. But governmental in
reality oppositely release policy which harming to farmer clan. This phenomenon in
international economics can be explained with compressor group theory theory group
pressure. This theory its nucleus; core tell, in fact accepting advantage of policy of
government in commerce of international trade is not absorbent economic sector
many labour, but industrial group which is teroganisir and also have political tradition
which enough strength.
Important considering of him is problem of this, hence almost most state have
special institute the handling the problem of food, and in Indonesia existence of
special institute which manage food it is true have sufficiently long also. But
existence of this food institute popularly just recognized by after is so called of
BULOG, representing Government Agency of[is Non Department which under and
hold responsible direct to President Republic Of Indonesia. BULOG born pursuant to
Decision Of President Cabinet of RI No. 114/U/Ken 1967, is later; then changed with
Keppres No. 11 year 1969, completed again with Keppres No: 39 year 1987 and is
finally innovated again with Keppres RI. No. 103 year 1993.
Bulog have fundamental duty execute price control of rice, shell of rice, other
staple and grist utilize to take care of stability of price both for producer and also to
consumer as according to governmental public wisdom.
Used Data type is data of sekunder covering data produce domestic rice,
amount of import rice, domestic rice price and import rice price, Dollar mid rate to
Rupiah, earnings of resident amount and resident. The data taken away from by
Statistical Bureau Center (BPS), FAO (Food Agricultural Organization), Deptan
(Departmental of Agriculture), and Depperindag (Departmental is Industry and
Data of Sekunder represent collected data and compiled by other party so that
researcher become second person or third from compiler of datas. Data the taken is
from related/relevant institution related to this research.
To determine factors influencing request in statistical analysis, used by of
function form doubled linear regresi. The model can give valuation regarding some
independent variable criterion to variable of dependen.
Result of research indicate that test of ANOVA or of Ftest got by Ftest is 3.519
with level of signifikan 0,024. Therefore probability ( 0.000) much more small from
0,05, hence model of regresi can wear for prediction of amount of request of domestic
rice. Equally, domestic rice price, import rice price, earnings of resident amount and
resident have an effect on by simultan to amount of request of rice. Pursuant to Ftabel
(2.840) < Ftest ( 3.519) hence Ho refused to mean to minimize there is one of the
independent variable which influence its variable of him. Pursuant to probability seen
that Fhitung is 3,519 with probability < 0,05, hence Ho refused can be concluded is
fourth of the independent variable have an effect on reality to its its his.
Test of T used for the significance test of independent variable by parsial.
domestic Variable rice price probability shown with number of signifikansi 0,024 <
0,05, hence Ho refused. Matter this means that domestic rice price variable really
having an effect on by significant to amount of request of domestic rice.
From result of calculation of determinant coefficient (R2) obtained by
coefficient value of determinasi (R2) equal to 0,402 or 40,1%, this matter indicate that
influence all free variable (X) to variable tied (Y) have influence by together equal to
40,1%. While which is 58,9% is influence of other variable which do not check in
this research.

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