STRUKTUR BIAYA DAN PENDAPATAN USAHA TAMBAK UDANG PUTIH ( Litopenaeus vannamei ) (Studi Kasus di Desa Margosuko Kecamatan Bancar Kabupaten Tuban)



Prawn conducting of vannamei exist in Countryside of Margosuko start to be developed by about around year 2003. Effort prawn fishpond of vannamei done conducted by resident as big use Intensive method. used to be Seed Prawn to be obtained from outside area among others Situbondo and of Banyuwangi. Decision for the conducting of prawn of vannamei taken with consideration that effort experienced by before prawn conducting of vannamei always experience of loss. This matter is also supported with with condition of region matching with karatristik live prawn of vannamei. Besides prawn of vannamei represent one of the commodity export and its costly price relative. In marketing of prawn of vannamei, at the time of penen of prawns of vannamei direct below under to processing factory, this matter is done conducted on the chance of got price will be maximal. To get result of maximal of farmer dam out in Countryside of Margosuko costly Intensive method menggunkan relative for its expense of him. Research about effort prawn of vannamei done conducted in Countryside of Margosuko District Of Bancar Sub-Province of Tuban aim to to know structure of is expense of, efficiency and earnings of is effort prawn fishpond of vannamei factors and which is required in effort prawn fishpond of vannamei covering farm, fry, manure, pesticide, used supporter appliances and labour in course of effort conducting. Research hypothesis anticipated by the effort prawn fishpond of vannamei beneficial, efficient to be laboured. Election of research place done conducted by purposive (sengaja) with consideration of the area represent sentra of is effort prawn fishpond of vannamei in Tuban. Technique intake of sampel in this research use census method or of sampel total. Census method used by if amount of small taken population relative, in this case taken sampel about around 18 farmer of responder. Data analysis which is used in this research is descriptive analysis and analysis of finansial. used Descriptive analysis to know setruktur of is expense of namely by classifying expense become fixed cost and variable cost, While analysis of finansial used in counting calculating earnings and to know efficiency of usahatani use R/C ratio . Pursuant to result of analysis, known by acceptance mean which is accepted in once production process equal to Rp. 357.233.796,30.- per earnings mean and hectare which is accepted in once production process equal to Rp. 138.881.540,20.- per hectare. At effort prawn fishpond of vannamei obtained by R/C ratio mean equal to 1,63 perhektar, so that the effort prawn of vannamei in Countryside of Margosuko District Of Bancar Sub-Province of Tuban can be told to profit and laboured competent.

Keyword : Biaya; Udang Putih

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Biaya; Udang Putih