This research is the descriptive qualitative research which was conducted at defrayal service firm at PT. Sasana Artha Finance Malang. The title of this research is "Evaluation on Credit Policy at PT. Sasana Artha Finance Malang".
The objective of this research is to find out the effectiveness of credit policy used by the company and to find out the strategy of credit gift in an effort to minimize consumer arrears.
Data in this research are analyzed using the descriptive quantitave analysis method.The data are then analyzed further to find out defrayal strategy of credit to company receivable and the rate of company receivable turn over. This research was focused on evaluation of the credit policy as the effort to minimize the rate of consumer arrears.
Findings of this research show that in order to increase the credit defrayal volume utilize to obtain maximal profit the company apply credit gift policy to each customer with rule: duration of deferred payment slowest 30 day after due date of installment without cutting existence for the earlier payment, imposition fine for the customer which delay payment equal to minimizing 1000/day or 30/o/month, the company also apply the interest imposition policy equal to 30% effective/year. As specifying the credit policy, hence such as expected by company defrayal volume can mount from year to year, but as distinct from existence of improvement of the defrayal volume happened also the improvement sum up receivable balance. The improvement existence sum up of receivable balance result incidence the risk in the event of arrears installment redemption by customers. Since cash flow which ought to be accepted timely according to duration by company experience of postponement caused by customer existence, then the payment is delayed. As a result, the cash inflow accepted smaller than cash inflow expected by company.
Based on the results of research, the writer concludes that the policy of credit gift is effective enough but not efficient. In relation to this, the writer suggests that in order to minimize the risk of installment to receivable through company credit policy on the gift of credit, PT. Sasana Artha Finance should assure more standard of credit with executing survey according to procedure and give fair assessment to consumer data, avoiding subjective attitude in accepting credit application, enlarging advanced money for period of longer installment, and give tolerance range of car withdrawal during 3 month delay payment because value of car progressively experience of degradation and with an eye in order to the company immediately can overcome problems that happened at receivable installment.


Keyword : Kredit; Evaluasi Kebijakkan


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Kredit; Evaluasi Kebijakkan