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This research is a case study at PT. Kurabo Manunggal Tekstil Industries (Kumatex) Tangerang. Entitled “Analyze Election of Alternative investment Among Long Term Liabilities with Leasing at PT. Kurabo Manunggal Tekstil Industries (Kumatex) - Tangerang.
Purpose of this research is to get the empiric evidence that more beneficial for acquirement of fixed assed using leasing or long term liabilities. And to know the way of which can be gone through by a company that is by using leasing as one of way of substitute of ownership of fixed asset compared to the way of long term liabilities financing.
In this research,writer using the quantative analyze and descriptive qualitative analysis. Quantitative analysis that is the data which is number form then analyzed by comparing between one data to other to get the summary. While the descriptive qualitative analysis that is describe theoretically according to quantitative the next period. It’s implicated in schedule of loan fundamental payment plus the alternative interest of long term liabilities and also leasing.
Instrument of analysis used know which is the alternative more beneficial is productivity produce analysis, ratio analysis, and present value analysis. Yardstick of these third analysis is the level of deviation, company condition, and PV cash of out flow where smallest is most beneficial.
Result from calculation of the analysis with accomplishment of fund according to leasing can economize expenditure of tax equal to Rp.288.131.401,77 the value obtained from difference between tax thrift of leasing equal to Rp. 1.149.734.414,69 with tax thrift of long term liabilities equal to Rp. 861.633.776,08 while in the technical application of leasing less profit compared to long term liabilities. It’s look from NPV (PV) for alternative investment of long term liabilities is Rp. 1.455.947.068,43 while leasing look bigger of cash which must be released equal to Rp. 1.752.396.131,21.
Based on the summary above, writer can implicated that as well as PT. Kurabo Manunggal Tekstil Industries (Kumatex) at Tangerang using leasing to adding the production machines, because the thrift of fund that exist at leasing can allocated in project and more profitable, during its can doing and the risk smaller if the company choose leasing alternative.


Keyword : Leasing; Hutang Jangka panjang


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Leasing; Hutang Jangka panjang