ANALISA PENGARUH KINERJA KEUANGAN TERHADAP HARGA SAHAM(Studi Pada Perusahaan Asuransi yang tercatat di BES Periode 1999-2001)

Rusniati Panjaitan


The research we have been done titled ? Analysis of Influencing Financial Measurement on Stock Price ( Study at Insurance company that listed in Surabaya Stock Exchange 1999-2001 )?.
This research aimed, first to know whether return on equity (ROE), earning per share (EPS), price earning ratio (PER), and dividend per share (DPS) have simultaneously influence to stock price; secondly knowing whether debt equity ratio (DER) has partially influence and to find out which ratio has dominant effect.
In this research I suggest three hypothesis, that are it is estimated that PER, ROE, DER, DPS have not simultaneously effect to stock price of insurance and DER hasn?t partially effect. The most dominant variable affecting stock price is earning per share (EPS)
Analysis device has been use is multiple regression with F test to answer the first hypothesis. Are t test for second hypothesis also comparing t test between one variable with another for the third hypothesis.
The result of the F test shown F value smaller than F table (2,33 < 5,19) so simultaneously ROE, EPS, and PER variable not effected the stock price. The analysis device t test has been result that t value DER -1,765 small than t table 2,015. that?s mean partially DER not effected to the stock price. Between two variable EPS dominate the stock the t value was bigger (2,322).




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