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This research is cash study at PT. BPR Dharmasurya Aditika that locatate in Jl. Raya Dandong No.38 District of Srengat, Blitar the title of ?This Research is Evaluation of Intern Control to The Credit Getter in PT. BPR Dharmasurya Aditika Srengat.?
The objective of this research is to know enterprise effectifely in credit getter and to know the fungtion of good and correct intern control in credit getter.
The technical analysis that uses to handle that problem is qualitative method. And the thing that analysed is organization structure, authorization system and note procedure, health practice, appropriate employee with his responsibility, aspect gutter credit and degree of effectiveness on credit getter that shown from collectivity budget of credit and credit realization that guttered.
After research have done and analysis the problem that found by researcher, the writer can make a condusion that PT. BPR Dharmasurya Aditika was done prerequirement from system inter control that good and satisfied. This thing can shoe from flowing of procedure of credit system in that busines. But, in the realization of floeing of credit can not saying it is effective, morever there is in creasing stopping credit by year to year. This thing is because of double fungtion of Account Officer ( AO ) as head officer of operational that have duty to arrange budget or work planning for a next year, so Account Officer ( AO ) because less currency and accurate in doing analysis. Account Officer ( AO ) does not give attention to the concept to 5 C comprehensive us background of consideration in giving credit. As a result is realization of credit does not natural. Beside that there quarter, credit wises competitive among bank, or an interest quarter another bank.
Based on analysis result and conclusion, so the writer can implication that a busibess does don give load to the withc another responsibility and if it needed an Account Officer ( AO ) must increase his anpability by such train or courses. And to antipate stopping credit to the next year a bank must be cooperate by head of regency or head of district to get information about the effort of customer applicant, so the bank does not give a credit to the wrong person.


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Link Terkait : http://skripsi.umm.ac.id/files/disk1/15/jiptummpp-gdl-s1-2004-sunarti966-717-Pendahul-n.pdf