ANALISIS SISTEM INFORMASI AKUNTANSI ATAS JASA PELAYANAN UMUM ( Studi Kasus Pada Kantor Pelayanan Pajak Pratama Malang Selatan)

Krisna Okta Wijaya


This Research represent research of case study at Office Service Of Tax Pratama Malang Selatan with title " Systems Analysis Accounting Information Of [Common/ Public] Service (Case Study At Office Service Of Tax of Pratama Malang Selatan). Research aim to to know applying of accountancy information system of public Service specially the problem of presented by procedure is KPP Pratama Malang Selatan. Result of from this research is expected can become input to officer of Office Service of tax about is important of accountancy information system performance factor him to satisfaction of taxpayer. To finish this research of this writer use case method that is elaborating and compiling data systematically hit accountancy information system in service of taxation public. While its tabulation steps of data which then data description. Result of in this writing of existing activitys in applying of income tax procedure at Office Service Of Tax of Pratama Malang Selatan in general can be told is effective. Because at the (time) of now taxpayer little by little more is comprehending of system of procedure challange taxation. But, if us see the tables of kuesioner which have been propagated by there are some question poin which is informing disappointment of taxpayer. Like at part of calculation of taxpayer still a lot not yet understood correctness with calculation procedures. And at collecting agency, taxpayer too old await decision of Office Service of Tax about tax agreement more payee. To be able to more is improving of performance of KPP Pratama Malang Selatan hence writer suggest to immediately to make facilitys able to water down taxpayer in remit or report its debt Tax.


Keyword : pajak pratam, jasa pelayanan


pajak pratam; jasa pelayanan