This Research type have the character of case study at PT Dankos Laboratories Tbk, PT Darya ? Varia Laboratoria Tbk, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk, PT Merck Indonesia Tbk, dan PT Bayer Indonesia Tbk during range of time four year that is strarting year 2000 up to year 2003, with title of ?EVA CONCEPT TO MEASURE PERFORMANCE COMPANY OF NOTED PHARMACY IN EFFECT EXCHANGE OF JAKARTA.
Target of this research is (a) to know the condition of company's finance performance evaluated from method of EVA, and ( b) to know one of the company of pharmacy which assigning value to add better.
Analyzer used to assess company's finance performance by using method of EVA (Economic Value Added). EVA represent an appliance of financial to measure realistic advantage level of company operation by lessening profit operate for after Iease with expense of used capital. While stages in analyzing data cover : ( 1) [counting/calculating] the expense of debt capital ( expense of debt before debt expense and Iease after Iease), ( 2) counting the expense of capital, ( 3) [counting/calculating] capital structure, ( 4) counting the expense of mean capital deliberated ( WACC), and ( 5) Counting Economic Value Added (EVA).
Accurate Performance pharmacy company's finance with method of EVA can be seen when result of EVA > 0 show condition of healthy company's finance performance and can create added value at company, whereas if value of EVA < 0 show that condition of indisposed company's finance performance and unable to create economic added value at company.
From result of elite which have been conducted by using method of EVA show that monetary performance of PT Dankos in the year 2000 until year 2003 positive value show. value of EVA PT Darya - VAria Year 2000 and 2001 yielding value of EVA negative but year 2002 and its positive 2003 value. PT. Kalbe Farma in the year 2000 yielding value of EVA negative. Later; Then year 2001, 2002 and 2003 yielding value of EVA which are positive. Assess EVA PT Merck year 2000 until year 2003 yielding value which are positive. Medium for the PT Bayer in the year 2000, 2002, and 2003 yielding value of EVA which are positive, and for year 2001 valuable yielded Eva of negativity.
Base on the result of research, researcher of implication can be the following : first, company require to consider usage of EVA in effort maximize prosperity of company. second, to method investor of EVA can be used by consideration in company choose as place have investment. Third, to researcher hereinafter can be used as by input to be more develop this research.


Keyword : EVA; kinerja perusahaan; biaya modal


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EVA; kinerja perusahaan; biaya modal