Department of Accounting, 2004

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Ika Mardiyati


This Research represent research having the character of casual at company of hotel sector of and services travel which is public go in BEJ, entitling "Analysis Influence Of Capital Structure To Profitability At Company Of Sector Hotel of And Travel Services Which is Go Public in BEJ ".
Target of this research is to analyze the influence of capital structure to profitability storey level. Hypothesis able to be taken in this research there is 2, that is :
1. Is anticipated that capital structure variable which consist of DER and of DR have influence to profitability company of hotel of and travel
2. Anticipated by variable of DER have dominant influence to company profitability
Analyzer which is used in this research is doubled regression. Which in calculation of test of F compare between FHITUNG and of FTABEL, with mistake storey level = 5% and trust storey level equal to 95%. Calculation of test of T use comparison between THITUNG and of TTABEL. Is And also done also test to of symptom of deviation of classic assumption.
Result of examination and calculation analyze regression which have been done is free transformation variable data to equation regression, that is : Y = - 1.977 - 1.167X1 + 9.922X2. From result of examination and calculation of statistic which have been done by hence can be pulled by conclusion that there no influence to both free variable to variable of dependent. And There of acre of classic assumption him that factor which is have an effect on to company profitability storey level nothing that have an effect on among both variable. And becoming most dominant factor among both free variable to company profitability storey level is nothing.
Suggestion which can be taken by researcher here to company which go public is better always give information hit company circumstance in the form of projection of financial statement in order to in doing investment analysis earn accurate progressively. For researcher here in after, result of referable research at same research study about capital structure of researcher better here in after is not focused at capital structure, so that result of research more optimal.


Keyword : struktur modal; profitabilitas


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