Department of Accounting, 2004

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SISTEM PENGELOLAAN KEUANGAN USAHA KECIL (Studi kasus pada lingkungan industri kecil tempe Beji-Batu)



This research is case study at small industrial environment at Beji-Batu with title: ?Monetary System Management of Small Industry Case Study at Small Industrial Environment of Tempe Beji-Batu?.
Target of research this is know how monetary management systyem and applying of accounting system at small industri of Tempe Beji-Batu.
Analyzer used to know monetary management system use description of monetary management system. The measurement to determine monetary management system is applying of accounting system.
The analysis result as according to the measurement that used hence applying of accounting system not yet is fully executed, because is proved from 10 responder 70 % not yet conducted record-keeping of accountancy, 40 % do not have transaction document and 70 % don?t have financial statement.
Pursuant to above analysis, writer can suggest that small industry of Tempe Beji-Batu better to apply accounting system.




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