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The purpose of research is describe how long the implementation of business in control systems as one of media can improve the preparation about process of production and gives evidence what is control systems intern in the process production P.G. Rejo Baru Madiun already effective.
In this research writer use the data secondary. The data secondary is data getting from business consist of: structure organization, document control systems production, data official education level in 2006-2007, procedure flowchart production, estimates and realizes cost production as well as standard and realization production sugar in 2006-2007.
The media use in this research is descriptive qualitative method. To know what the implementation of control systems intern in process production at PG. Rejo Agung Baru Madiun already effective or can?t doing compared between estimates with realization cost of production as well as standard and realization sugar production. If realization or output same with appropriate with purpose so can be said to be effective.
From result of research ascertainable procedure flowchart production nothing function plan and control, the document daily report hulling by a truck (L H G P T) nothing entry number, estimates cost production 2006-2007 not effective, Standard and realization sugar production 2006 not effective ,as soon as standard and realization sugar production 2007 can be said to be effective.
By virtue of result, writer can direct for business that procedure of production, manager pabrikasi doing planning function and control production appropriate with determinate office direction center, and put down entry number in daily report hulling by a truck (L H G P T).


Keyword : Sistem Pengendalian Intern, Proses Produksi


Sistem Pengendalian Intern; Proses Produksi